6 Marketing Trends That You Should Follow This 2019

Although it is difficult to predict which methods will connect with consumers, marketing trends can give you an idea. In an ever changing market it is better to always be prepared for what may come out or what may fail. Next we will present 6 marketing trends for this 2019.

Changing Marketing

Current marketing accepts everything that profits, and discards methods and strategies that do not provide any benefit to the business. However, specialists always emphasize that to reach profits, the business must focus on consumers. A satisfied consumer will do more marketing for your company than any other method through recommendations. Today, marketing trends are more inclined to the consumer than in the past.

Content Marketing

One of the marketing trends for this 2019 is to draw the attention of the thousands of consumers who are connected at all times to the internet. The content you offer should inspire, provoke, excite and reach your emotions so that they want to acquire your products and services. The goal should not be just to put content and expect them to respond, but to promote that they share it through the most popular social networks or in their circles of friends.


Confidence towards chat-bots continues to increase with countless people who do not feel comfortable talking directly to a person with simple questions. 2018 ended with 45% of people worldwide who prefer chat-bots than real people in the area of customer service. If you can add a chat-bot to your website, do not hesitate

Artificial Intelligence

One of the major marketing trends since a few years is the growing artificial intelligence. This is because this intelligence can analyze data quickly, focus on target markets more precisely, and perform activities that humans commonly find difficult. Artificial intelligence is placed before the consumer’s desires through the study of behavior. If you can acquire an artificial intelligence system for your business, do not hesitate, because it is the future.


One of the serious problems that grew in 2018 was the security breaches. The hackers had access to millions of information through different industries including the government. Therefore, consumers this 2019 will pay more attention to how their information is stored on the websites they visit. Establish a good computer security in the portal of your business will give enough confidence to the consumer to acquire your service or product.

Voice Searches

One of marketing trends with great demand for this 2019 will be voice searches. 2018 was the world record for the sale of devices with speech recognition such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc. It is expected that by 2019, sales will quadruple. Consumers increasingly prefer to talk to a speaker than to enter the computer to look for information. Keep in mind, adapt your website to the voice search engines for better impact.

There are other marketing trends that will continue to have preference during 2019 as the influencers on social networks, the focus on generation Z, vertical videos, searches through images, etc. Keep these marketing trends in mind for a better future of your business.

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