eCommerce Business And Consumers

eCommerce business is the exchange of commercial information of purchases and sales from an online network. This exchange can be about your services or products. There are two different types of eCommerce that are for companies or for consumers. They can be identified by the environment, participants, characteristics, and unique advantages and disadvantages.

B2B eCommerce

B2B is one type of eCommerce business, which is derived from the phrase business to business. In this commercial transaction, the trade is between companies without consumer intervention. In addition, you must have experience in the market to be able to find other companies. eCommerce reduces the levels of error that may arise in the middle of the process, and increases the efficiency of the sale and the commercial relationship.

In B2B, there is eCommerce business in the controlled market where sellers are accepted in search of buyers. Also, buyers are in search of suppliers, and intermediaries to generate trade between sellers and buyers. Therefore, all eCommerce seek a purpose to sell products or services to the consumer.

B2C eCommerce

The eCommerce of B2C is derived from business to consumer. This type of trade is the most common of all, since the whole process is between the business and the person interested in acquiring the product or service. As an example, a business with an online store will have loyal customers who buy products from that company. Therefore, eCommerce business originates for the benefit of both sides. In this type of eCommerce, where intermediaries play an important role since in many cases they are responsible for the administration of the store.

The advantages of this type of eCommerce business is that it facilitates the consumer’s access to your online store from any electronic device for a convenient and quick purchase. In addition, you can update your offers or prices continuously and constantly for the convenience of your consumers. You can also clarify doubts or questions that customers have through different means of communication such as chats, social networks, email, Skype, etc.

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