How To Connect The Past And The Present To Obtain A Better Marketing?

Nostalgia is a powerful tool in all aspects, and can also be used to obtain a better marketing of our business. From the films that marked our lives during our childhood and adolescence to the memories of a better past. Nostalgia gives you that feeling of security, confidence and comfort.

This feeling can be taken advantage of by modern entrepreneurs. Today’s consumers get carried away by the new technology, but they always maintain their love for the past. Therefore, if you plan to promote a campaign, you can focus on using nostalgia as a very useful tool to obtain a better marketing.

The Past Was Better

You will wonder how the new generation can feel nostalgia for something that did not live. This is due to the existing films of those years. It also adds the decoration of some sites highly frequented by young people such as universities, cafes, bars, etc. When having contact with the decoration of the place, it is almost impossible not to fall in love. In this way you can connect the past with the present to obtain a better marketing.

Therefore, the fashion of the past is passed down through generations indirectly. Once you understand this connection you can take advantage of it in your marketing. A great example was the feeling of Pokemon Go that became successful bringing the memory of a series of anime and video games of the 90s. However, it not only captured those consumers who saw the series of children, but also their children who were filled with curiosity.

What’s Not So New

Another way to connect the past with the present to obtain better marketing is to show a new product or service with an old focus. This means that you can use a tool that feels old but is totally new. A clear example is on Instagram and its much-needed filters that give your photos an old look. It is a way to capture interest through nostalgia to obtain better marketing.

Even so being new in an experienced company, you can offer ideas focused on ancient times. Although this movement is more in line with businesses that use fashion as footwear, textile, fashion, etc. An example of success of this marketing move was that I had the company Banana Republic with its collection in 2012 based on the 60s. Launching old products with a new air can give your business the boost it needs to get better marketing.

The big companies know in this way to promote their products and service. Therefore, you should not stay behind. Analyze your business and what experiences you can offer your clients through a focus on the past. L nostalgia is a powerful weapon if it is used correctly. In this way you can connect the past with the present to obtain a better marketing.

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