Marketing Strategies Your Campaigns Need

The world of consumerism is leaving behind traditional propaganda to make way for new marketing strategies such as experimental. People are increasingly fond of brands that make them feel a unique experience through their campaigns.

A clear example was what Coca Cola did in the 2018 World Cup in Russia when it offered an augmented reality service where you could play with your favorite soccer players. This campaign does not need to promote their products, since they know that those people who experienced first-hand the augmented reality will remember the brand for a long time. They will go around the world sharing what Coca Cola made them live, thus becoming ambassadors of the brand.

The Voice of Consumers

They say that one of the best marketing strategies is when a satisfied consumer shares with their friends and family. Recent studies indicate that 83% of people who consume a product or service do so because someone recommended them. Another study indicates that 75% of consumers rely more on marketing with generated content that can be shared.

Brands can make good use of these new marketing strategies through sharing if they make their publications flashy for today’s social networks. Remember that authenticity is the fundamental basis for a massive increase in visibility. The more you make yourself see, the more your brand will be known.

The Influencers

Another of the new marketing strategies in these modern times is performed by the influencers through social platforms. No matter the focus market, if you can share your service and product it will do your business a good. If you want to amplify your impact through the influencers, make them experience your services in a more direct way so that the thousands of people who see them live can witness how good your product or service is.

The most recent study tells us that 54% of people between 18 and 24 years of age fully trust what their favorite influencers share. It also tells us that 44% of people between 25 and 40 years old get carried away by what the following influencers recommend. The percentage is higher than the confidence they have in the same brands.

Generated Content

Just because the tendency is to follow the influencers does not mean that we should abandon our own marketing. Another marketing strategy for this new year is to generate continuous content that appeals to your target audience. Remember that if you leave social networks, where most people are, you can give a look of neglect.

Keep sharing your publications with a normal rhythm and especially if they are flashy videos that people can feel identified. Also, you can share what you promote with your friends and family. Keep in mind that consumers are always aware of what you are going to publish today.

The Media

This does not mean that you have to go out on national television. There are blogs, radios, news, newspapers, magazines, etc. which are locally focused If your business is local, this is one of the best marketing strategies you can take advantage of. Find out which are the most listened to or watched at the local level in order to promote yourself. Even the establishments where thousands of people go to do their governmental duties are offering screens where you can promote yourself locally.

This is one of the most continuous and powerful marketing strategies you can perform in your community. An example can be the cybercafé of a small community that most people come to. A poster of your business can attract the attention of more than one when required.

These were some marketing strategies that you can use to grow your business. Do not forget also the campaigns through Google for more modern cities where the population lives connected by electronic devices all the time. The secret is to continue adapting to the new times without falling behind.

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