Marketing Trends That Remain In 2018

The year continues while marketing trends are already leaving their mark in this changing digital world in which we, the consumers, live. However, content marketing remains as the key strategist to increasing your brand and acquire new customers. A study tells us that in 2017, businesses were more successful with this type of marketing. The secret of success is to know in advance the marketing trends and adapt to them as quickly as possible.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the best method for business, since it does not require a large budget. This data is reinforced because large companies are also investing in this type of marketing. For this 2018, brands are expected to increase their budgets focusing more on content marketing than any other types of marketing. Therefore the competition will be strong for everyone. It is advisable to contact an advertising agency that creates relevant and high quality content for your business.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is the future for many businesses. It is estimated that video will be 80% of the Internet’s traffic by 2019. Therefore, video marketing will dominate strategies in the future. Incorporating videos into your marketing strategies will increase the consumer experience. Another of the marketing trends that gains strength is live video. People are taking advantage of this feature to get closer to consumers and their needs. One of the marketing trends is the transparency that live videos provide. Today’s people like to see the reality of the brands that follow.

Custom Marketing

A study tells us that people who have used this type of marketing exceed 20% of those who do not. Personalized marketing gives a slight advantage of being able to approach your consumers one by one. Many businesses use email to keep their customers satisfied and updated with the new products or services they can offer. Although personalized marketing can take time and costs, it is one of the best ways to deliver relevant content at the right time.

Generated Marketing

Brands are encouraging their clients to promote them on social networks or local directories. This helps potential customers have confidence in acquiring the product or service when they see these shared experiences. Generated marketing is one of the marketing trends for 2018, since it builds a positive perception of your business. Instagram is the social network that leads this type of generated marketing with the famous Hashtags that increases visibility and commitment.

Keep in mind that these marketing trends may be changing. The idea is to be informed of the changes that occur over time. Adaptation is also essential to continue providing unique experience to consumers or potential customers.

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